Terms & Conditions


These are the full terms and conditions of redHotsource and are applicable to every order placed.

  1. The Sellers do business upon and subject to these general conditions which will be deemed to be incorporated into all contracts between Sellers and the Purchasers to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions of the purchasers.
  2. A quotation shall only constitute an invitation to treat. All orders are subject to acceptance by the Seller, the Purchasers acceptance of delivery of said acknowledged of orders shall be deemed to include acceptance of these general conditions.
  3. Telephone orders must be confirmed in writing by letter or email. No responsibility will be accepted if this is not done.
  4. The Seller cannot guarantee that the goods will be exactly the same as previously supplied. Samples are available on request to check for size, materials etc.


Failure by the Seller at any time to enforce any of the provision of these general conditions shall not be construed as waiver by the Sellers of such provisions or in any way affect the validity of these general conditions.


All prices shall be as per the Seller’s price list current at the date of this dispatch and all prices are exclusive of VAT. All prices are subject to increase without notice owing to circumstances beyond the Seller’s control.


All blocks, dyes and screens /plates required for printing will incur additional costs.  These all remain the property of redHotsource Limited.


All artwork, including reductions, enlargements and touching up, will be chargeable. Minimum artwork charge: £25 + VAT. All artwork fees are charged for the work carried out, whether it be time spent or software/images imported. It is not for intellectual possession therefore all artwork, plates and printing screen remains the property of redHotsource Limited. Print artwork charges will include up to three reposition changes, being movement of text, not physical changes of design.


All goods may be subject to 10%, over or under, run and can be charged pro rata. This is down to the discretion of redHotsource Limited.


  1. The Purchasers shall be responsible for the goods being suitable in every way for the purpose for which they are intended to use them and no warranty, condition or representation given by the Sellers as to the fitness of any goods for any particular purpose.
  2. Whilst every effort will be made to deliver on time, time for delivery is of the essence and there is no liability for delays occasioned by circumstances beyond the Sellers control.
  3. Any liability of the Sellers to the Purchasers shall be limited in total to the price of the goods.
  4. In the event of incorrect or faulty goods supplied, credit will only be given if the entire consignment is returned.


All prices are exclusive of postage, carriage and packing. Charges for these items are available on request. Due to the difficulty in tracing lost parcels, orders despatched by post can not be guaranteed. The seller can never guarantee delivery dates and times as outside contractors are regularly used.


Samples can be sent on approval and charged for.

Terms of Payment

Payment is strictly 30 days from the date given on the relevant invoice. Late payments will be subject to an administration charge, being 10% of the outstanding amount.

The goods remain the property of the seller until the goods are paid for in full.

Claims and Acceptance

  1. The Purchasers shall inspect all goods immediately upon delivery and shall, within seven days from delivery, notify the Sellers of any matter of thing by reason of which they may allege that the goods are not in accordance with the contract. If the Purchasers shall fail to give such notice within such period it shall conclusively be determined that the goods are as to quality, number, weight, volume and in all respects in accordance with the contract and that the Purchasers have accepted them. The Purchasers shall have no right to reject the goods, but shall be bound to pay for the same accordingly.
  2. Non‐delivery by any carrier must be notified to the Sellers, in writing, within 14 days.
  3. Goods are only returnable with our expressed agreement. Goods will not be accepted back without prior arrangement.
  4. The Seller will not accept any liability for any goods damaged on the Seller’s property.


All cancellations to be notified in writing. Charges will be made for all work done or materials bought.


  1. When printing is completed from artwork supplied by Purchasers, the Seller accepts no liability for any design faults or weaknesses.
  2. When design and/or artwork is supplied by the Seller, all work must be approved in writing. Once this work has been approved, the Seller accepts no liability for any design faults or weaknesses.
  3. Where no pantone number is quoted by either the Seller or the Purchaser, the nearest colour or shading will be assumed acceptable.
  4. Unless otherwise specified, printing, colour, size and position will be at our discretion even on repeat orders. Where Pantone colour matches are requested, a 100% match cannot be guaranteed. We reserve the right to use your logo or advertisement in our brochures unless otherwise instructed in writing.

Repeat Orders

The onus is on the Customer to ensure the Supplier has all the correct details from previous orders.

Product Specification

We reserve the right to alter design, material and product specification of any product without notice.

When the Purchaser places an order with the Seller, they automatically accept these terms and conditions in full.