Stag and Hen Parties

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If you want personalised tops, sashes or accessories for your hen, or birthday party, redHotsource is for you!

Our affordable t-shirts and tops that will ensure your hens look great, whatever style you choose and with our massive range of accessories, there is no end to what you can organise. We have a range of tops that can all be printed or embroidered, All you have to chose is whether to go glittery or not. Oh yeah, and with redHotsource, there is no minimal order quantity. One more thing, send us back your photos, the funniest one this month wins a bottle of champagne

Just let us know what you want and redHotsource will organise it all.

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If you want personalised rugby shirts/T-shirts for your stag, or birthday party, redHotsource is for you!

We even have a drinking game pack of cards personalised for you and your stags.

We’ll make sure your group looks the Stag’s antlers! All you have to do is chose the “names” on the backs, funniest this month will win a bottle of champagne?

Did you know, with redHotsource, there is no minimum order quantity. We’ll keep the prices down, giving you more money to enjoy on…

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