No Minimum Order on Promotional Merchandise

Branded Umbrella no minimum quantities

No minimum order on branded umbrellas

Branded and promotional merchandise is a great way of marketing.

Branded mugs, branded pens, branded keyrings, branded sweets and even branded umbrellas are a cost efficient, fun and exciting way of letting people know about what your business does and advertising it to a much wider audience.

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Many suppliers impose high “Minimum order” quantities on their promotional merchandise  which can run into 100’s, sometimes 1000’s of items.  These can be prohibitive for some small business who only want one, ten or 50 items.  But thanks to our great relationships with our manufacturers we can now offer our customers the chance to buy just one item of promotional merchandise.  So if you want just one  branded pen with your company logo on we can do that.  If you want just one umbrella, we can do that too.

The easiest way of finding out information on our range of promotional merchandise and our best prices is to give us a call on 01206 822833 and speak to one of our account managers.  Alternatively please email us at and we will get straight back to you.